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Fred (the frog)


As a mother, my aim is to provide positive emotional support for my child. I strive to equip him with skills that he can continue to develop and utilize in various social and emotional situations.  It is my hope that I can pass what I've learned on to you so that you may also begin to empower your child with these tools.

Fred Gets Frustrated is a children's picture book I created that demonstrates emotional intelligence in a fun and beautifully illustrated calm down book (best suited for ages 4 - 9).  It's the first in a new series of Fred books, so stay tuned for more coming soon.

I am so honored that Fred Gets Frustrated has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®

Fred takes children on a journey to overcome anger in this relatable tale. In the process, Fred teaches his favorite calming strategies and shows readers how to create their very own calm down box.

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Mom with Stroller

This book is great! One of the things I think separates it from everyone else is that he comes up with his own relaxation tools until he works with Cali instead of someone else telling him what to do. It really reinforces a child being able to come up with their own ideas.


From both a reader and a mom’s standpoint, this is a book that offers simple, easy-to-understand ways for children to manage these very real feelings of anger and frustration, allowing your kids to turn a horrible situation into a truly great day. This is a definite “must-read” to have in the house or the classroom.

Family Trip

As a dad of an 8-year-old, I’m always looking for frameworks for mental fitness that will help my son.  This book is relatable to any kid that is bound to get frustrated with everyday life and helps exercise the right mental muscle to control and express their emotion. Highly recommend it for the story line and tools to help process a young mind.

What People Are Saying

“Fred Gets Frustrated” offers simple and practical strategies to help children manage feelings of frustration, using very relatable situations to foster the growth of emotional intelligence and social-pragmatic skills. As both a parent and a professional, I strongly recommend adding this “must-read” to your child’s library. 

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