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- Jennifer C. Kelly, Author -


Jennifer C. Kelly is a New Jersey-based member of SCBWI and author of the new Fred series.  With over two decades as a technology professional, Jennifer has mastered detecting patterns and making the complex simple. She has enjoyed writing since college, first creating poetry, and then her debut children's book, Fred Gets Frustrated.

Fred is a labor of love and a result of Jennifer's desire to help her son learn emotional intelligence.  She is passionate about creating quality content that benefits all families while addressing issues that parents commonly face.

Jennifer lives in Wayne with her husband, son, dog, and cat.

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- Stephen Stone, Illustrator -

Stephen lives in Derbyshire, England with his wife and slightly aloof orange cat Vincent van Mog. He began his creative career training to be a fashion designer before becoming a university lecturer. Now retired from teaching he works as a professional freelance designer and illustrator. Stephen has published many books with leading publishers and indie authors.

Fred Sightings

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